It’s Your Time to Shine

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“I had an upcoming meeting with my leadership to discuss my professional goals and development. Seeking that special something, I recently reached out to Tasha at The Red Tulip and took advantage of a complimentary coaching session. In just a short time, I had a plan of action, felt empowered and confident to represent myself and my dreams. The meeting couldn’t have gone better. I can’t wait to learn more and see where I will grow!” 

-Chris Riske, Healthcare Leadership

You’re on the accelerated path and you’re growing your career or business faster than you ever imagined. You have a vision for your career and you’re ready to level up your game. You’re fortunate to have been part of professional development programs and supported by amazing mentors and role models. You wonder, is this enough? 

You know you need help to get to the next level. Do you need an advisor or coach to help you work through specific leadership development strategies? Or, is it time to invest in an executive coach to help advance your career to the next level? One thing is certain and that’s not a solo job. 

What you need is a champion, supporter, friend, and shoulder to lean on when you are faced with those BIG challenges, issues and questions. Someone who has been where you are now, and can help you navigate this unchartered territory with ease, grace, and dignity, but most of all, with your biggest asset in mind. Your people. 

Why me? For starters, I see great things in you and I can help you reach your potential. I’m an unbiased friend who can help you inventory and assess your leadership traits, uncover your gaps and opportunities, and work your development plan to help you reach your leadership potential and ultimately your career aspirations. While there is no magic formula, I firmly believe that our life experience opens our eyes and hearts to new and different things. It shapes us into who we are and who we want to be. To be an authentic leader, we need to understand our belief system and how it impacts the way in which we lead now and in the future. When we can understand our truth, we can speak our truth in our most authentic self. 

So, how does coaching work? Generally, we will meet for 90-minute calls every two weeks. This gives us the right amount of time to discover, develop, deliver, and review. In between our formal sessions, I am available via email or text anytime. If there is a need for additional support (e.g. client calls or meetings), I’ll work with you to develop an approach that works best for you. 


  • Be open-minded. You’ll get much more out of our sessions when you can consider the possibilities. 

  • Engage in the work. Our sessions will be most effective if you are fully present during our calls and you complete any pre-work prior to our calls. 

  • Be vulnerable. Leave your ego at the door and get ready to feel a bit uncomfortable. Remember, it’s only when we can understand our truth, we can speak our truth in our most authentic self. 

  • Challenge me. I’m always ready to learn and grow. Let’s challenge each other to think differently and learn from each other. 


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

~John F. Kennedy