Your Power is in Connection to Self


and Tasha Baird-Miller



Lisa is the founder and host of The Good News Guide (podcast and YouTube channel), a Connector, Speaker, Author and Truth seeker with qualifications in numerous energy modalities.

She is passionate about life, and it is with her big heart, courage and vulnerability, combined with an innate ability to communicate, that she effortlessly supports people connecting back to their true nature and the innate wisdom and power that resides within, to create the life they have come here to live.

Her desire to connect people seeking to realize their own potential and live their greatest life possible, was born from her own personal experience having been deeply immersed in the world of ‘personal development’ for almost 15 years and forging her own path to create a life she loves after suffering from decades of depression, anxiety, an eating disorder and more recently, the breakdown of her 20 year marriage.

As the Founder and Host of The Good News Guide, she has created a trusted platform sharing deeply engaging and entertaining conversations with thought leaders and change makers, disseminating and illuminating information for her community to be transformed inside these conversations.

Lisa has partnered with many of these coaches, experts and other practitioners, making The Good News Guide a one stop shop to connect in with those of high integrity offering truly transformational services. Many of these partners Lisa has personally worked with.

The Good News Guide offers the invitation to expand minds and transport its listeners/viewers to feel more empowered, heart connected and inspired.

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