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Irina Kapetanakis has spent the better part of the last two decades driving top-line sales and revenue growth for significant Fortune 500 companies.

Irina was at Legg Mason Asset Management for 13 years and held various sales positions while at the company. She managed internal and external sales teams as well as leading some of the largest wire house relationships for the organization. When she left in February 2019, she was the Director of National Accounts, serving as the liaison between her firm and national broker - dealer firms.

Irina also is an investor and senior executive in Suuchi Inc, a venture backed, supply chain management software company for the most innovative and forward-thinking fashion brands. She heads up the marketing organization and works with enterprise fashion brands across the world. Irina is also the host of the Suuchi Podcast, focusing on timely supply chain topics top of mind for most executives today. She has wholly rehauled the organization, and within six months, the team was exceeding their goals and continue to do so today.

Irina is an influential leader, extremely well respected and appreciated by her team. She is a dedicated fan of Simon Sinek’s leadership ideologies. She believes that to be a great leader, one needs to continuously define the “why” for every single individual on the team. When people work with purpose, they feel empowered, motivated, and satisfied.

In 2020, Irina invested in KLEOS Mastiha Spirit, a woman-owned, luxury spirit brand. She currently sits on their Board of Advisors. That same year, Irina also became an investor in Mammogen, a biotech company that seeks to radically improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. She invests in women-led and female-focused companies with strong and passionate leadership that fill a white space in their respective industry.

Irina also holds board positions at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s School of International Trade and Marketing and the Hellenic Professional Women Organization. She is an active member of Chief, HeyMama, the Network for Executive Women, and the Accessories Council.

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