Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging


and Tasha Baird-Miller



Ruth Rathblott is an award-winning CEO, who is committed to creating inclusion for all. Ruth will speak about her personal and professional journey through the lens of someone with a visible disability, and what it is like to live life without limits or labels. Ruth will touch on the subject of visible and invisible disabilities, covering hidden differences & otherness, and belonging.

Her story will speak to how we rise above life's challenges to gain the freedom of letting go of shame, the power of living authentically, and the recognition that our differences are our greatest gift.

Ruth's interactive presentation, combined with her belief that EVERYONE has a unique gift to contribute, make her the right choice for your workplace. Ruth covers a vast range of topics such as:

• Broadening the definition of diversity

• Challenging the assumptions about ability

• The tools to create conversation about difference

• Accepting others differences

• The importance of finding your community

• The value of connecting with others & shared experiences


CONNECT WITH RUTH: ruth@ruthrathblott.com

LINKEDIN: Ruth Rathblott

WEBSITE: ruthrathblott.com