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How to Become the Fullest Expression of Yourself


Nicole Laino is a startup Founder, brand strategist, peak performance coach, Reiki master/teacher and the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. She spent 6 years in corporate at a Fortune 100 company before leaving her career for entrepreneurship. Affectionately referring to herself as a Type-A hippie (a free-spirit who can grow a business and meet a deadline) Nicole has found and understands that to be truly successful in business you have to be both strategic and spiritual. She combines proven marketing strategies with brain-based science, and her experience as a Rapid Relief Technique Practitioner to help her clients overcome their limiting beliefs, develop their authentic brand, and achieve massive success.

WEBSITE: www.nicolelaino.me

EMAIL: nicole@nicolelaino.me

INSTAGRAM: @nicolelainoofficial

FACEBOOK: @nicolelainocoaching

LINKEDIN: @nicole-laino