How To Build Resilience
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with Tasha Baird-Miller


When life knocks you down, what do you do? Do you let it and give up, or do you stand back up and keep going? Of course...You stand back up! You keep going. Because you are a resilient human being. Resilience is your ability to recover from difficult situations and adapt to change. Building resilience can help you cope with stress, overcome adversity, and enjoy the better days to come.

Change is an inevitable part of life and many aspects of the changing world are outside your individual control. Accepting your situation can free you up to devote your energy to the things that you do have control over. When you focus on the things you can control, you give yourself power to deal with adversity. As they say, it’s not adversity that determines how your life’s story will develop, it’s your reaction to adversity. Tune in to learn more about the 7 strategies to help you build more resilience. 

In this episode, I'm sharing some of my own personal practices and tips on how to be more resilient.