Work Hard, Play Hard 


and Tasha Baird-Miller
{With Julie Joyce}


It's truly inspiring when you meet someone who wholeheartedly embraces creating a life centered around having fun. We could all take a lesson from Julie on how she makes having fun with friends and family a top priority. Life is a gift. Why not enjoy it to the fullest!

Julie Joyce is a marketing pro that ditched the confines of the corporate world years ago to pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle. After gaining experience in product marketing and strategy at HP and Acxiom, she transitioned back into the more exciting world of startups and small business management by simultaneously re-joining her family horticulture business and starting her own marketing agency, GreenId Marketing.

These days, you can find Julie managing the logistics of working mom life which includes volunteerism, day to day business operations of one of the largest horticultural operations in Illinois, managing her own marketing clients and most importantly, spending time with her black lab, Mr. Fitzpatrick. Work hard, play hard is her mantra and that means enjoying spontaneous adventures with friends and family as often as possible. Oh, and like all moms, she spends an awful lot of time carpooling her kids around Barrington.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why having fun should be your #1 priority

  • How your adventurous spirit can create bold confidence

  • How having a strong female role model can help you jumpstart your career

  • The importance of understanding your client’s unmet needs

  • One of the common myths Julie debunks about her profession

  • How COVID-19 has impacted Julie’s business

  • How creativity can help sustain and grow your business

  • How Julie manages and balances work and life

  • Where Julie gets her inspiration from

  • What level up means to Julie

  • And, so much more!




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