4 Steps To Forgiveness | Key to Lifelong Freedom and Happiness

Forgiveness is essential for spiritual growth. It sets you down a path for lifelong freedom and happiness. When you become willing to forgive, even if you aren’t sure how to forgive or how long it will take, you allow yourself to start healing. Your situation or experience with someone who hurt you, while painful, is actually just a thought or feeling that you continue to carry with you. These thoughts of anger, resentment and hatred hold space in your mind as judgment. When you are stuck in judgment, you operate at a low-level vibration. That vibration attracts negativity and limits your capacity for love, peace and joy. You release tension and trauma when you choose to forgive, you step into the power of love, and you create a higher vibrational frequency that allows you to attract all you want in your life.

Why Is It Important To Forgive?

We forgive for ourselves, not for others. Forgiveness frees us to live in the present. When we focus on reliving the wrong, it keeps us living in the past and we miss the beauty of today. Forgiveness allows us to take back our personal power. Continuing to hold anger, resentment and hatred toward someone means we are giving up our personal power to the other person. Until you forgive the other person and cut the cord between you, they will continue to have an unhealthy hold on you. Forgiveness allows you to see the other person in a positive light. When you forgive, you will be able to see the positive qualities in the person who hurt you, particularly those qualities that you once loved, and allow you to accept the other person where they are and clear space for a beautiful new relationship.

When Is It Important To Forgive?

Forgiveness is a choice, and only you can decide when you are ready to forgive. When the pain of holding onto the wrongdoing from the past continues to follow you into the future, it's time to consider forgiveness. Do you want to be bitter? Or, do you want to let it go? Even if you cannot forgive right now, be open and willing to forgive. The intention is enough to set you down the path of forgiveness when the time is right for you.

How To Forgive?

I know how powerful forgiveness is because I live it and experience it every day. Practicing forgiveness has allowed me to live a more vibrant, unapologetic, and happy life. It takes persistency and consistency to follow this 4-step process, but the benefits of forgiveness far outweigh being stuck in judgment. I encourage you to release your past resentment, and take back your personal power by applying these 4 steps to forgiveness.

Step 1: Become Aware

The first step is to become aware and notice the people or situations you need to forgive. It may be a person, friend, co-worker, family member, or even a loved one. The key is to consciously bring awareness to the relationships with fear, anger or resentment.

Step 2: Be Willing To Forgive

Now that you’ve identified who it is and what it is you need to forgive, the next step is to be open and willing to forgive the person. Being open and willing to forgive requires intention and action. I recommend saying a daily affirmation or prayer to give yourself a gentle reminder of your intention to forgive. My daily mantra is “I choose to forgive and release”; however, you can also say things like, “I choose to forgive”, “I am open and willing to forgive”, or “I am ready to release this”. As new situations arise that trigger your negative feelings or emotions, you can say your mantra to bring you back to your intention to forgive.

Daily Mantra: I choose to forgive and release.

Step 3: Create Space For Forgiveness

When you quiet your mind through prayer and meditation, you give yourself space for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a process that takes time and patience. Give yourself the gift of patience and let your inner being guide you through the forgiveness process.

Step 4: Return To Love

There’s a sense of freedom that comes over you when you have released your past resentment towards someone and choose to see them in their true light. In this moment, you have chosen happiness over judgment and love over fear. And, love is the greatest gift you can give to others.

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