7 Essential Leadership Traits of an Inspiring and Empowering Female Leader

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Have you ever interacted with a female leader who inspired, motivated and empowered you to be your best? Like most of us, the rising female colleague is always seeking a confident female leader, role model or mentor to help her navigate the opportunities and challenges related to her blossoming career. However, she often struggles to find that special female leader who exudes confidence in her own talent and is so comfortable in her own being that she doesn't feel insecure or threatened by the rising female colleague's accomplishments. This confident female leader is in such awe with the rising female colleague's talent and capability, she wants to be part of her growth and evolution so she can experience the benefits and joys of her successes. A confident yet humble female leader often impacts the world around her without even realizing how much value she brings to her people and organization. She is simply just following her heart and passion, and doing what she loves to do.

I've been in a corporate career for more than 20 years, and I've only ever met this type of inspiring and empowering leader once in my career. While some may say that's unfortunate, I choose to look at it as an opportunity for the mature female leaders in the business world to change the way we lead, inspire, motivate, and empower the rising female colleague. In today's complex, challenging, ever-changing business world, why wouldn't we help our rising female colleagues reach their potential and Shine Bright in their careers sooner than we did? Helping rising female colleagues achieve success early in their career has been one of the greatest gifts in my role as a leader.

Through my own personal experience, various mentor relationships with rising female colleagues, and extensive research on leadership, I’ve identified 7 essential leadership traits of an inspiring and empowering female leader.

An Inspiring and Empowering Female Leader

Seeks Clarity

  • We are clear in our purpose;

  • We can articulate our vision and how to achieve it;

  • We create synergy through clarity on roles, responsibilities, and tasks; and

  • We clear obstacles and roadblocks to keep the plan on track.

Embodies Courage

  • We believe in ourselves;

  • We know who we are and what we stand for;

  • We are passionate about our beliefs and value; and

  • We are comfortable making tough decisions.

Exudes Confidence

  • We are comfortable talking about ourselves;

  • We hang out with people who motivate us and lift us up;

  • We rarely compare ourselves to other people; and

  • We are capable of leading through uncertainty and ambiguity.

Shows Compassion and Empathy

  • We are good listeners;

  • We have genuine care and concern for other people;

  • We can feel what others may be feeling; and

  • We engage and empower people to be their best.

Encourages Creativity and Innovation

  • We ask lots of questions;

  • We are known for thinking outside of the box;

  • We continuously look for ways to do things better; and

  • We take risks and fail fast.

Shares Commitment and Passion

  • We lead with conviction;

  • We align actions with shared values;

  • We are focused on making dreams a reality; and

  • We love what we do.

Promotes Communication and Transparency

  • We openly share information;

  • We inspire and motivate people through our consistent message;

  • We foster a culture of honesty and openness; and

  • We are an authentic leader.

I believe so strongly in these leadership traits and how they can collectively change the value and impact of a female leader in today’s business that I’ve branded them the Shine Bright Mindset. In fact, I’m launching an inspirational journal called Shine Bright. In this journal, you’ll find a set of practices and principles that you can apply every day including practicing gratitude, creating habits that improve your mind, body and soul, and prioritizing and organizing your day with the most critical tasks first.

For every female leader, you’ll also find a leadership assessment tool anchored on these 7 leadership traits essential to reach your potential, and a goal planning template to help you develop and master the skills necessary to become the best version of yourself. You can use this journal to awaken the leader in you and get ready to Shine Bright!

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