How to Manage and Thrive through Transition

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Almost all of us experience moments of transition in life that leave us feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. While change is inevitable, it can sometimes be difficult to manage, even if it’s the happiest of moments. It’s important to recognize transitions can be hard because they can shake your sense of identity. We naturally define ourselves by our relationships and surroundings. When we experience major change, it’s easy to become disoriented. Learning to cope with periods of transition can help to minimize stress, grow emotionally, and develop confidence and trust in our ability to manage and thrive through transition.

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Manage and Thrive through Transition

Accept the change: Whether it was something you planned or something unexpected, resisting the change can lead to increased stress, anxiety and feelings of loss of control. When you can accept what is happening, then you can let go of what once was and look forward to what lies ahead.

Create space for reflection: When you can slow down and take time to reflect and emotionally process the change, you can understand what you’re thinking, feeling, and potentially fearing. You can do this through journaling, meditation, talking with a trusted friend, or seeking a therapist.

Focus on the present: By bringing your awareness to the present moment, you shift your focus from those things that seem out of your control to those things that are within your control. This creates the opportunity to shift your attention to a more positive outlook rather than drowning in the negative thinking.

Engage in self-care strategies: Taking care of yourself helps to recharge your mind and body, which then allows you to be more positive and effective in dealing with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to the transition. Some examples of self-care strategies include healthy eating habits, regular exercise, maintaining good sleep cycles, spending quality time with friends or loved ones, taking a long bath, or getting a massage.

Keep moving forward: Reflect on your values and identify ways in which you can navigate change while staying true to yourself. These strategies can help to transform an overwhelming change into an empowering growth experience. Some ways to help in finding meaning through difficult times is to surround yourself with friends or loved ones, create new goals and ambitions, join new organizations or groups, or start new hobbies.

Remember, it’s not the change that defines you, but how you handle the change. Only you can define your course of action. Accepting change in a positive manner helps you be more adaptable and flexible for future change. When you look back on your life, you’ll realize that all of the amazing things in your life started with change.

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